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Clinical Decision Making & CBME

11:45AM - 1:00PM

Each presentation is 10 minutes + 2 minutes for Q&A.

Listed in order of presentation.

You can go between rooms to hear specific presentations, if you wish.

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Monteiro, Sandra

LoGiudice, Andrew; Sibbald, Matthew; Monteiro, Sandra; Sherbino, Jonathan; Norman, Geoffrey R.; Chan, Teresa

Through the Eyes of the Beholder: What CanMEDS roles do clinician teachers see when interpreting EPAs?

Sibbald, Matthew

Sibbald, Matthew; Pugh, Debra; Sherbino, Jonathan; Morin, Maxim, Norman, Geoffrey R; Monteiro, Sandra

Does Allowing Access to Electronic Differential Diagnosis Support Threaten the Validity of a Licensing Exam?

Sherbino, Jonathan

Sibbald, Matthew; Sherbino, Jonathan; Monteiro, Sandra; LoGiudice, Andrew; Lee, Mark; Keuhl, Amy; Norman, Geoffrey

Are two (or more) heads better than one?

Norman, Geoffrey

Sherbino, Jonathan; Sibbald, Matthew; Monteiro, Sandra; LoGiudice, Andrew; Lee, Mark; Keuhl, Amy; Norman, Geoff

The Value of Group Interaction in Diagnostic Reasoning?

Thrall, Sam

Thrall, Sam; Chambers, Larry

An Innovative method of Learner and Faculty Interaction in Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine

Clinical Decision Making & CBME: List
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