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Curriculum Development

10:15 - 11:30AM

Each presentation is 10 minutes + 2 minutes for Q&A.

Listed in order of presentation.

You can go between rooms to hear specific presentations, if you wish.

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Dehmoobad Sharifabadi, Anahita

Dehmoobad Sharifabadi, Anahita; Bellini, Jonathan; Alabousi, Abdullah; Monteiro, Sandra; Al-Arnawoot, Basma

Investigating Canadian Radiology residents understanding of financial literacy: a nation-wide survey.

Li, Athena

Li, Athena; Bilgic, Elif; Keuhl, Amy; Sibbald, Matthew

Does your group matter? How group function impacts educational outcomes in problem-based learning: a scoping review

Britto, Joanne

Britto, Joanne; Alshenaiber, Abdullah; Cantor, Nathan; Chen, Andrew; Grzela, Patrick; Sadeghian, Shadi; Singh, Devika; Zhang, Cindy; Douketis, James; Chan, Teresa; Mithoowani, Siraj

The Systematic Online Academic Resource (SOAR) Review as a novel methodology to curate Free and Open Access Medical Education resources

Holbrook, Anne

Holbrook, Anne; Levinson, Anthony J; Keshavjee, Karim; Perri, Dan; Levine, Mitchell; Rudkowski, Jill; McLeod, Heather; Ford, Angela; Maxwell, Simon

Developing a Canadian Clinical Pharmacology e-Curriculum with Online Assessment for Medical Students

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