Dr. Nicole Woods

Senior Director, Education and Research Integration &
Scientific Director, The Institute for Education Research (TIER)
Associate Director & Education Scientist, The Wilson Centre

University Health Network

Associate Professor & Education Scientist, Office of Education Scholarship, 
Department of Family and Community Medicine
University of Toronto


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Nicole N. Woods, PhD is an Education Scientist & Associate Director of The Wilson Centre, The University of Toronto at University Health Network. Dr. Woods joined UofT in 2006 and leads a successful program of research in health professions education. The goal of her work is to transform the training of health professionals by developing models of knowledge acquisition and expertise development and translating these models into tools and techniques for education. For 15 years, Dr. Woods has led studies of memory and decision-making that explore the impact of biomedical knowledge on clinical reasoning. Her research has significant implications for education across the developmental continuum and for a variety of health disciplines. Dr. Woods is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine. She is also Senior Director of Education & Research Integration and the inaugural Scientific Director of The Institute for Education Research at UHN.


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