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Learning Innovations

1:15 PM - 2:30 PM

Each presentation is 10 minutes + 2 minutes for Q&A.

Listed in order of presentation.

You can go between rooms to hear specific presentations, if you wish.




Zhang, Betty

Zhang, Betty; Wang, Austine; Darie, Sorin; Rockarts, Jasmine; Palombella, Andrew; DeCarlo, Brooke; de SA, Darren; Nguyen, Laura; Monteiro, Sandra; Brewer-Deluce, Danielle; Wainman, Bruce

The McMaster Embalming Scale (MES) – Application of a Psychometric Scale for the Assessment of Soft Embalming Solutions for Surgical Skills Training

Acai, Anita

van Mil, Spencer; Bilgic, Elif; Zubairi, Mohammad; Acai, Anita

Using prospective electronic journals to explore the intended and unintended consequences of competency-based medical education among pediatric residents

Ahmed, Muneeb

Ahmed, Muneeb; Monteiro, Sandra; Keuhl, Amy; Norman, Geoffery; Sibbald, Matthew

Will modifying the amount of “normals” in a training set of EKGs affect knowledge acquisition?

Xia, Sean

Xia, Sean; Cordovani, Daniel; Clark, Sandra; Simchovich, Gabriel; Yu, Janice; Ayers, Stephanie; Tidy, Toni; Levinson, Anthony

Test-enhanced learning in the anesthesia clerkship: a randomized feasibility study

Li, Athena

Li, Athena; Mellon, Matthew; Keuhl, Amy; Sibbald, Matthew

Measuring group function in problem-based learning: development of an assessment tool

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