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Organizational Influences

10:15 - 11:30AM

Each presentation is 10 minutes + 2 minutes for Q&A.

Listed in order of presentation.

You can go between rooms to hear specific presentations, if you wish.

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McNeill, Kestrel

McNeill, Kestrel; Yang, Ilun; Sonnadara, Ranil

Exploring the Role of Organisational Factors in the Emergence of Burnout in Surgery at McMaster University

Torti, Jacqueline

Torti, Jacqueline; Inayat, Ali; Inayat, Hamza, Sultan, Nabil

Perspectives on Physician Leadership: Exploring the Role of Character-Based Leadership in Medicine

Torti, Jacqueline

Torti, Jacqueline; Sultan, Nabil; Haddara, Wael; Inayat, Ali; Inayat, Hamza; Lingard, Lorelei

Leadership Development in Postgraduate Medical Education: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Popoola, Anu

Panday, Janelle; Taneja, Shipra; Popoola, Anuoluwa; Pack, Rachael; Greyson, Devon; McDonald, Sarah D; Black, Morgan; Murray-Davis, Beth; Darling, Elizabeth; Vanstone, Meredith

Clinician responses to cannabis use during pregnancy and lactation: a systematic review and integrative mixed-methods research synthesis

Lopes, Jillian

Lopes, Jillian; Tokatly, Natalie; Acai, Anita; Snelgrove, Natasha; McCutchen, Ben; Fallen, Robyn; Corey, JoAnn; Harms, Sheila

**This presentation has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances**

Faculty facilitator perspectives on the One Room Schoolhouse: Insights on a novel curricular intervention

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