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Simulation Based Learning

10:00 am - 11:10 am


Roussakis, Maria

Maria Roussakis

Transfusion Medicine Preparing for the Worst: Use of Crisis Resource Management for Massive Hemorrhage Protocol Simulations

Uzelli Yilmaz, Derya

Uzelli Yilmaz, D; Azim, Arden; Sibbald, Matthew

Role of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity in Standardized Patient Programs: A Narrative Review

Azim, Arden

Azim, Arden, Tanic, Milica; Wainwright, Natalie; Nadarajah, Shamara; Uzelli Yilmaz, Derya; Sibbald, Matthew

Code Blue: An Interprofessional Simulation-Based Workshop for Junior Learners

Westcott, Sandra

Westcott, Sandra, Pardhan, Kaif; Snelgrove, Natasha; Brown, Michael; Harms, Sheila; Pardhan, Alim

Physicians First: Simulating Medical Emergencies in Psychiatric Settings

Bloomfield, Valerie

Bloomfield, Valerie, Ellis, Susan; Pace, Julie; Morais, Michelle

Mode of Delivery: Development and Implementation of an Obstetrical in Situ Simulation Program

Nadarajah, Shamara

Nadarajah, Shamara, Azim, A; Uzelli Yılmaz, D; Sibbald, M

Talking the Talk in Junior Interprofessional Education: Jargon or Healthcare Language?


"Tasting Menu"

10:00 am - 11:10 am


Vanstone, Meredith

Vanstone, Meredith, Cavanagh, Alice; Bell, Amanda; Mountjoy, Margo; Whyte, Robert; Wong, Anne; Grierson, Lawrence

Making Sense of Negative Interpersonal Interactions in the Clinical Learning Environment

Mithoowani, Siraj

Mithoowani, Siraj; Lieberman, Susan; Zeller, Michelle; Tseng, Eric; van Merrienboer, Jeroen

Anything but cookbook medicine: Exploring the influence of supervisor practice variability on resident learning

Johnston, Bronte

Johnston, Bronte; Jafine, Hartley

Applied Theatre Within Undergraduate Medical Education: A Systematic Review

Grierson, Lawrence

Grierson, Lawrence, Allice, Ilana; Baker, Alison; Farag, Alexandra; Jesse Guscott; Howard, Michelle; Mountjoy, Margo; Siu, Henry; Tong, X. Catherine; Vanstone, Meredith

The impact of the CFPC Certificates of Added Competence program on the delivery of comprehensive care in Canada


Naji, Leen; Singh, Brendan; Shah, Ajay; Naji, Faysal; Dennis, Brittany; Kavanagh, Owen; Banfield, Owen; Banfield, Laura; Alyass, Akram; Razak, Fahad; Samaan, Zainab; Profetto, Jason; Thabane, Lehana; Sohani, Zahra

Resident burnout unchanged in the last 20 years –  are we missing the point?

Sideris, Beth

Sideris, Beth ; Kalun, Portia ; Zering, Jennifer ; Sonnadara, Ranil

Observing others suture: Do novices benefit from observing errors?


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