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12:20 pm - 1:20 pm


LoGiudice, Andrew

LoGiudice, Andrew; Sherbino, Jonathan; Watter, Scott; Norman, Geoffrey; Monteiro, Sandra, Sibbald, Matthew

Eyeballing’ illness severity in acute care: A dissociation between intuitive and deliberate decisions via eye tracking

McConnery, Jason

McConnery, Jason; Bassilious, Ereny; Ngo, Quang

Engagement and Learning in a Novel spaced repetition intervention for a paediatrics academic half day curriculum

Sinha, Sakshi

Bak, Alex Beomju; Simms, Abigail; Sinha, Sakshi; Shin, David; Mitchell, Josh P.; Saraco, Anthony N.; Brewer-Deluce, Danielle; Wainman, Bruce C.

Examining the Effects of Stereopsis in Testing Anatomical Knowledge Using a Novel Virtual Reality Educational Tool

Suart, Celeste

Tsirulnikov, Danielle; Suart, Celeste; Vulcu, Felicia; Mullarkey, Caitlin

Gamification in learning: Virtual laboratory simulation improves student learning outcomes & motivation

Yang, Jack; DeYoung, Veronica; Xue, Yuan; Nehru, Amit

Yang, Jack; DeYoung, Veronica; Xue, Yuan; Nehru, Amit; Brewer-Deluce, Danielle; Wainman, Bruce

 Don’t forget about size! 3D models are ideal for anatomical learning when diameter is greater than 10cm

Zahorka, Stephanie

Zahorka, Stephanie; Bayer, Ilana M.; Levinson, Anthony J.

The Design of Technology-Mediated Continuing Medical Education for Family Physicians

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12:20 pm - 1:20 pm


Hildebrand, Alexandra

Hildebrand, Alex, Lennox, Robin; Redwood-Campbell, Lynda

Social Medicine Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents: Lessons Learned

Moll, Sandra; Addanki, Sheila

Moll, Sandra, Luciana; Addanki, Sheila

Implementation and outcomes of an evidence based Mental health training program (Beyond Silence) for healthcare workers.

Snelgrove, Natasha

Snelgrove, Natasha, Zaccagnini, Marco; McCabe, Randi; McConnell, Meghan; Sherbino, Jonathan

Developing a Competency Framework for Communication Skills in Psychiatry Residency Education

Arora, Roochi

Arora, Roochi, Kazemi, Ghazaleh; Hsu, Tina; Levine, Oren; Basi, Sanraj K; Henning, Jan-Willem; Sussman, Jonathan; Mukherjee, Som D

Residency Program Changes Before Competency-Based Medical Education: A Survey of Canadian Medical Oncology Program Directors

Tran, Cindy Khai Nhi

Tran, Cindy Khai Nhi, Zering, Jennifer; Howcroft, Kathleen; Sonnadara, Ranil

The impact of new surgical coaching tool: Facilitating collaborative teaching experiences


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