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Learner Perspectives

1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
DBHSC 2035/2036

Each presentation is 10 minutes + 2 minutes for Q&A.
Listed in order of presentation.
You can go between rooms to hear specific presentations, if you wish.

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Sherbino, Jonathan

Cheung, Jessica; Sibbald, Matthew; Ruan, Brandon; Sherbino, Jonathan

The Prevalence of Imposter Phenomenon in (Post)graduate Medical Education

Dunn, Nicholas; Rakoff, Jonah

Dunn, Nicholas ; Rakoff, Jonah ; Sheth, Urmi ; Murphy, Bradley ; Polster, Elliot ; Azim, Arden; Waters, Heather ; Sibbald, Matt  

Embarking on Residency: Unveiling Insights into the Transition to Residency by Contrasting Undergraduate and Transition-to-Discipline Entrustable Professional Activities

Wilson, Amelia; VanderKaay, Sandra

Amelia Wilson; Sandra VanderKaay

Prevalence of Trauma Among MSc OT Students

Vaillancourt, Sierra

McNeill, Kestrel ; Vaillancourt, Sierra ; Ibrahim, Rana ; Trivedi, Rucha ; Ilicic, Ana Maria ; Boutros Salama, Marina ; Sonnadara, Ranil

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Interventions for Physician Burnout: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Rucha Trivedi

Trivedi, Rucha ; Neill, Kestrel ; Ilicic, Ana Maria ; Petrisor, Bradley ; Sonnadara, Ranil

From Classroom to Crisis: Investigating Factors in the Learning Environment Influencing Burnout Amongst Surgical Trainees

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