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Dr. Andrea Gingerich


Dr. Andrea Gingerich is an assistant professor in the Division of Medical Sciences at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. She teaches within the University of British Columbia’s Northern Medical Program and is a scholar with the Centre for Health Education Scholarship. She is a health professions education researcher who studies how preceptors think while assessing, supervising, and maintaining boundaries with others. Born and raised in Huron County, where the livestock outnumber the people, Andrea draws on eclectic learnings to share candid perspectives on contentious issues in medical education.

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Failure to fail phenomenon: What are we thinking?

Dr. Andrea Gingerich, MMEd ND PhD

Sometimes trainees who should have failed were not failed. Sometimes it is because they did not receive failing assessments when they were underperforming. Often preceptors are blamed for being reluctant or unwilling to provide those failing assessments. However, efforts to glean assessment information withheld by preceptors have not been entirely successful. In this presentation we will examine failure to fail phenomenon through the lens of rater cognition to discuss ways in which preceptors might be misbehaving and also how they might be misunderstood.

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Closing Panel

Andrea Gingerich UNBC- Keynote.jpg
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Dr. Sandra Monteiro, PhD

Panel Moderator

Associate Professor, McMaster University

Dr. Andrea Gingerich, MMEd ND PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Northern British Columbia

Dr. Anita Acai, MSc PhD

Assistant Professor, McMaster University

Dr. Walter Tavares, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

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