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The McMaster Education Research, Innovation and Theory (MERIT) Program

The McMaster Education Research, Innovation and Theory (MERIT) Program has served the Faculty of Health Sciences for more than 45 years. We collaborate with faculty to engage in high-impact, high-value education scholarship. Our vision is to grow a community of scientists and clinicians to advance health professions education through research and applied science.

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Masters of Health Science Education Program

This master’s program leads to the degree Master of Science in Health Sciences Education for health science clinical educators (physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, midwives, physician assistants, etc.), and others who teach in health sciences education, research, and academic clinical care, and who lead in health care settings. The program builds on the internationally renowned signature pedagogies in health science education developed and pioneered at McMaster University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, (Problem-Based Learning, Self-Directed Learning).

Health Professions Educator Awards Committee

Peter Helli

Jonathan Sherbino

Meredith Vanstone

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Education Scholarship Fund Committee

Ruth Chen

Alan Neville

Geoff Norman

Jonathan Sherbino

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