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Posters will be presented in-person at NERD 2024 from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

in the DBHSC Second Floor Atrium

Khan, Marriam

Khan, Marriam; Karen Beattie; Anne Fuller; Ruchika Sharma; Spencer van Mil; Ereny Bassilious; Elif Bilgic

Patient and Family Engagement in Pediatric Residency Education


El Galad, Asil; Palmateer, Alyssa

El Galad, Asil; Van Dierdonck, Hanna; Dunn, Shenna; Mathai, Caleb; Palmateer, Alyssa; Chander, Nikesh

Scholarly Activity in CaRMS: A Comprehensive Review of Program Requirements and Regional Variances


Kennedy, Erin

Kennedy, Erin; Chan, Ryan; Yogarajah, Maathumai  and Torti, Jacqueline

Navigating the landscape: A systematic review of the literature exploring leadership development for nurse practitioners


Sandra Monteiro; Sonaina Chopra 

Monteiro, Sandra; Chopra, Sonaina; Keuhl, Amy , Sibbald, Matthew; Norman, Geoff; Sherbino, Jonathan;

Could someone “cheat” their way through a licensing exam?


Mohammed, Raeesah

Mohammed, Raeesah; Gibson, Jada; Naveed, Aamna; Lawton, Joseph; Wainman, Bruce; Mezil, Yasmeen

Board games as a learning modality for renal anatomy education


Shahu, Alfina

Okoh, Augustine; Shahu, Alfina; Gu, Regis; Howard, Michelle; Siu, Henry; Badone, Ellen; Lawrence Grierson

Optimizing health information exchange during patient transitions into long-term care: Protocol of a multi-phase practitioner-focused research program to support informational continuity


McEwen, Charlotte

McEwen, Charlotte; Jaffer, Iqbal; Sibbald, Matthew

Development of a Mastery Learning Simulation Curriculum targeting High-acuity Cardiac Surgery Entrustable Professional Activities


Hick, Clara

Hick, Clara

Development and assessment of an online course on chromosomal microarray to complement experiential learning for pediatric residents on a genetics rotation.


Klair, Gavanjit

Klair, Gavanjit; Tharmarajah, Thamesha; Horth, Dillon; Whippey, Amanda;

Improving the McMaster Anesthesia Clerkship Program: A Structured Approach To Improving Clerkship Content and Multiple Choice Examination


Mammoliti, Alyssandra M.

Mammoliti, Alyssandra M.; Hasan, Farah Z.; Esmaelbeigi, Aida; Issa, Julia; McBride, Jennifer M.; Mitchell, Josh P.; Sonnadara, Ranil R.; Mazierski, David; Wainman, Bruce C.

We’re Engaged! No Matter the Modality!


Dunn, Shenna

Dunn, Shenna; O’Keefe-McCarthy, Sheila; Taplay, Karyn; Keeping-Burke, Lisa; Hobbs, Kevin; Morris, Sue; Dullius, Will; MacDonald, Vanessa; Ells, Gina  

The Utility of the Heart DIS-Ease PLAY – An Applied Theatre Workshop for Medical and Nursing Students


Dharia, Naisha; Kim, Savas

Burgess, Raquel; Burgess, Raquel; Dharia, Naisha; Kim, Savas ; Chen, Kenneth; Grierson, Lawrence; Srebotnjak, Tanja; Freudenberg, Nicholas; Ransome, Yusuf

Food & beverage industry activities that can influence population health and health equity: Relevance to health professions education


Kim, Savas; Dharia, Naisha

Burgess, Raquel; Burgess, Raquel; Kim, Savas ; Chen, Kenneth; Dharia, Naisha; Grierson, Lawrence; Srebotnjak, Tanja; Freudenberg, Nicholas; Ransome, Yusuf

Financial systems and human health: An analysis of Environmental Social Governance  investment frameworks


Naveed, Aamna

Naveed, Aamna; Mohammed, Raeesah; Gibson, Jada; Lawton, Joseph; Wainman, Bruce; Mezil, Yasmeen Card Games in Medical School: A Playful Way of Learning Renal Anatomy


Bami, Saachi; Buehner, Benjamin

Foo, Ariel; Danielle de Sa Boasquevisque; Seddiq Weera ; Leanne Kent; Charmaine; Martin-Gaspar; Alicia Mattia; Je Woo Park; Brandy Hillyard; Saachi Bami; Benjamin Buehner

Reducing door-to-needle times for hyperacute ischemic stroke cases presenting within the thrombolysis window: a QI project at the Greater Niagara General Hospital


Huang, Siyuan

Huang, Si Yuan; Rahimpour, Layla; Philip, Yu; Rajyam, Sarada Sriya; Michalenko, Ethan; Stodola, Trinity; Wang, Tracy; Amoudi, Lana; Murtaza, Abeerah; Mitchelle, Josh P.; Bernard, Jason; Akhtar-Danesh, Noori; Wainman, Bruce; Mezil, Yasmeen; Durham, Kristina

Perceived Learning Outcomes, User Preferences, and Q Methodology Insights: Evaluating the AI OSPE Through Student Perspectives


Gibson, Jada

Gibson, Jada; Gibson, Jada; Naveed, Aamna; Mohammed, Raeesah ; Lawton, Joseph ; Wainman, Bruce ; Mezil, Yasmeen

Innovative pedagogy: The potential of student-led design in educational game development


Lawton, Joe

Lawton, Joe; Jada Gibson , Aamna Naveed, Bruce Wainman, Yasmeen Mezil

BodyBuilding: Exploring Anatomy Learning Perceptions through 3D Modeling Games


Shnitzer, Hila; Rabu, Olivier; Veilleux, Alexandre

Shnitzer, Hila; Rabu, Olivier; Veilleux, Alexandre; Smith, Naomi

IDD Education in Undergraduate Medical School: a Simulation-Based Approach


Issa, Julia

Issa, Julia; Hasan, Farah Z. , Esmaelbeigi, Aida , Mammoliti, Alyssandra , McBride, Jennifer M. , Mitchell, Josh P. , Sonnadara, Ranil R. , Mazierski, David , Wainman, Bruce C.  

Spinning out of Focus: Navigating Cybersickness in Multi-Modal Learning Environments


Phan, Ryan; Gu, Jessica

Phan, Ryan; Gu, Jessica; Darie, Sorin; Sidhu, Rabbea; Cen, Alex; Rousta, Nyssa; Aiad, Malak; Wu, Linda; Mitchell, Josh P.; Brewer-Deluce, Danielle; Wainman, Bruce

Do we know it all? Investigating student confidence when learning from virtual reality and 3D-printed models


Abousifein, Marfy

Abousifein, Marfy; Arca, Adam; Siddique Maha; Soo Jin Lee, Susie; Chima, Eva; Lohit, Simran; Durham, Kristina; Brewer-Deluce, Danielle

Transcending Constructs: An Analysis of Sex and Gender Diversity Incorporation in Anatomy Education


Yu, Ken; Bayer, Ilana

Yu, Ken; Seedu, Jeswende; Sampalli, Niket; Plater, Emma; Bayer, Ilana

I-DREAM Study: Impact of Digital Reality on Education of Anatomical Muscles in Motion


Stodola, Trinity; Rajyam, Sriya

Stodola, Trinity; Rajyam, Sarada Sriya; Rahimpour, Layla; Yu, Philip; Michalenko, Ethan; Huang, Siyuan; Murtaza, Abeerah; Wang, Tracy; Amoudi, Lana; Mitchell, Josh P.; Bernard, Jason; Akhtar-Danesh, Noori; Wainman, Bruce; Mezil, Yasmeen; Durham, Kristina

Using Q-Methodology to Evaluate Educator Perspectives of the AI OSPE Tool; Insights from Teaching Assistants


Cen, Alex

Cen, Alex; Rousta, Nyssa; Darie, Sorin; Phan, Ryan; Gu, Jessica; Sidhu, Rabbea; Aiad, Malak; Wu, Linda; P. Mitchell, Josh; Wainman, Bruce; Brewer-Deluce, Danielle

Go big or go home: similar larger-than-life models are preferred for learning in both physical and virtual reality


Aiad, Malak

Aiad, Malak; Wu, Linda; Sidhu, Rabbea; Darie, Sorin; Rousta, Nyssa; Can, Alex; Phan, Ryan; Gu, Jessica; Mitchell, Josh; Wainman, Bruce; Brewer-Deluce, Danielle

Virtual Versus Reality: Examining knowledge transfer between virtual and physical learning and testing modalities

Rosen, Nancy Paris

Rosen, Nancy Paris; Rosen, Nancy Paris; Darie, Sorin; Li, Athena; Wainman, Bruce; Kim, Gyuah; Palombella, Andrew; DeCarlo, Brooke; Kapuvari, Stephen; Siva, Akil; Forero, Mauricio; de SA, Darren; Brewer-Deluce, Danielle

Optimal Cadaveric Tissue Preparation for Ultrasound Training: A Longitudinal Study


Nayiager, Trishana; Gupta, Sana

Nayiager, Trishana; Gupta, Sana; Barr, Ronald; Grierson, Lawrence; Marjerrison, Stacey

Characterizing Late Effects Clinic Attendees: A Single-Site Exploration to Facilitate the Evolution of Care for Childhood Cancer Survivors


Keeling, Mariah

Keeling, Mariah; Van Mil, Spencer; Keeling, Mariah;Sriranjan, Jhanahan; Acai, Anita

Using a two-phase qualitative approach to understand how Entrustable Professional Activities guide Competence Committee decision making


Balitsky, Amaris

Zhang, Grace; Balitsky, Amaris; Davies, Gwynivere; Lepic, Kylie

Development of an Electronic Learning Module for CAR-T Education in Canadian Hematology Residents


Pavalagantharajah, Sureka

Pavalagantharajah, Sureka; Babic, Bojana; Beattie, Karen; Hunter, Andrea

Patient Involvement in Training Pediatrics Residents in Canada


Sharma, Ruchika

Sharma, Ruchika; Zachos, Mary; Bilgic, Elif  

What Makes Upper Endoscopy and Colonoscopy Challenging for Pediatric Gastroenterology Trainees?


Novin, Shayan; Lola, Irelewuyi

Novin, Shayan; Dashti, Ali; Magdalinis, Bianca; Siddique, Maha; Irelewuyi, Lola; Liu, Felicia; Bengali, Abdullah; Banfield, Laura; Siddiqui, Abeer; Sanger, Stephanie

Narrative approaches to teaching and learning in undergraduate education: A scoping review


Zarandi, Aryana

Zarandi, Aryana; Zarandi, Auva; Ngo, Quang; van Mill, Spencer; Harley, Jason; Bilgic, Elif

Exploring the Role of Immersive Virtual Reality to Support New Training and Assessment Mandates in Medical Education


Dhanoa, Jasmin

Dhanoa, Jasmin; Ngo, Quang; Acai, Anita; Sharma, Ruchika; Bilgic, Elif

Defining Principles of Expert Performance During Medical Procedures in Pediatrics: Optimizing Assessment Criteria of Procedural Skills

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