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Posters will be presented in-person at NERD 2023 from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. in the PGCLL First Floor Lobby.

Listed alphabetically based on first presenter surname.




Baker, Alison

Baker, Alison; Sadik, Marina; Clark, Rebecca; Hoffman, Ally; Howard, Michelle

Evaluation of a Program to Teach Essential Conversations to Family Medicine Residents Through Simulation: A Pilot Study

Bilgic, Elif

Graef, Samuel; Karimi, Nima; Xu, Maggie; Petropoulos, Jo-Anne; Ngo, Quang; Bilgic, Elif

Does Simulation Training in Pediatrics Improve Patient Outcomes, Cost, and Latent Safety Threats? A Scoping Review

Boutros Salama, Marina; Harlock, Hayley

Boutros Salama, Marina; Halladay, Jillian; Harlock, Hayley; Munn, Catharine; El Gouhary, Enas

The UnWRaP Study: Understanding the Well-being of Residents and Partners

Bukeyeneza, Jocelyne

Bukeyeneza, Jocelyne

Community physician engagement and outreach program for early recognition and management of neonatal encephalopathy

Campbell, Wenonah

Campbell, Wenonah; Cahill, Peter; Levinson, Anthony; Dix, Leah

Evaluating The FIRST Professional Development Program for Health Professionals Working in Schools

Chopra, Sonaina

Chopra, Sonaina; Keuhl, Amy; Harley, Jason; Sherbino, Jonathan; Bassilious, Ereny; Bilgic, Elif

How are emotions of medical residents and faculty impacted by new assessment mandates implemented in medical education?

Chow, Justin; Al Duaij, Lulwa

Chow, Justin; Al Duaij, Lulwa; Last, Nicole; Azim, Arden; Sheth, Urmi; Rehman, Maham; Khalid, Faran; Blissett, Sarah; Sibbald, Matthew

Transitions in Competency-based Medical Education: a Qualitative Study of Transformational Learning Experiences in Canadian Cardiology Residency Programs

Dhir, Jasdeep

Dhir, Jasdeep; Wojkowski, Sarah; Cleaver, Shaun; Smith-Turchyn, Jenna; Miller, Patricia; Smith, Meredith; Udarbe-Han, Mari; Lurch, Stephanie

The Search for Justice: Developing a Collaborative Understanding of Health Justice in Physiotherapy

Esmaelbeigi, Aida

Esmaelbeigi, Aida; Hasan, Farah Z.; Wu, Zhiyu (Zoe); Li, Athena; McBride, Jennifer M.; Mitchell, Josh P.; Sonnadara, Ranil R.; Wainman, Bruce C.

Evaluating cybersickness in a virtual reality learning module for pelvic anatomy

Fang, Carmen

Carmen, Fang; Pratt, Maria; Carter, Nancy; Martin, Lynn

The Experiences of Nursing Clinical Instructors Supporting Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Development of Resilience: A Proposed Qualitative Descriptive Study

Farrugia, Patricia

Farrugia, Patricia; Voaklander, Britt; Alexander, Thomas; Yousuf, Haroon; Bhadresa, Dhwani

Innovative undergraduate electives curriculum in Indigenous Health Needs Assessment.

Hasan, Farah

Hasan, Farah; Wu, Zhiyu (Zoe); Li, Athena; Esmaelbeigi, Aida; McBride, Jennifer M.; Mitchell, Josh P.; Sonnadara, Ranil R.; Wainman, Bruce C.

Taking a multifaceted approach to evaluating a virtual reality module for learning pelvic anatomy

Howcroft, Kathleen

Howcroft, Kathleen; Acai, Anita

Understanding the Role of Education in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Health Professions

Jabbari, Yasaman

Gottlieb, Michael; Jabbari, Yasaman; Shedden, Judith M; Von Mohrenschildt, Martin; Lee, Mark; Sherbino, Jonathan

The Impact of Driving versus Seated Listening on Podcast Knowledge Acquisition and Retention: A Randomized, Cross-over Trial

Kazi, Tania; He, Laurie

Chan, Teresa; Mazzeo, Arianna; Kazi, Tania; He, Laurie; Khan, Heba

The Intersection of Gender, Academic Leadership and Continuing Professional Development

Kim, Young-Min

Kim, Young-Min; Yoo, Sun Mi; Jin, Hye rim ; Kim, Eun Ju; Kim, Ji Eun; Choi, Chang-Jin

Progress Clinical Performance Examination for Assessing Medical Students’ Clinical Skills

Li, Athena

Li, Athena; Hasan, Farah Z.; Wu, Zhiyu (Zoe); Esmaelbeigi, Aida; McBride, Jennifer M.; Mitchell, Josh P.; Sonnadara, Ranil R.; Wainman, Bruce C.

Workload in anatomy learning: exploring the impact of modality and contextual environments

Martin, Leslie

Martin, Leslie; Johnston, Bronte; Hatala, Rose; Gilchrist, Tristen; Blissett, Sarah; Gauthier, Stephen; Zhang, Lindsey; Sibbald, Matthew

Exploring Learning through Clinical Work in the CBME Era

Nayiager, Trishana; Zhao, Jenny

Nayiager, Trishana; Zhao, Jenny; Marjerrison, Stacey; Grierson, Lawrence

Building medical education programs for integrating patients with rare conditions into generalist primary care practices: An investigation of the psychosocial needs of Survivors of Childhood Cancer participating in the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario Primary Care Outreach Initiative

Ngo, Thuy-Anh

Ngo, Thuy-Anh; Menezes, Anjali; MacIntosh, Alexander; Profetto, Jason; Grierson, Lawrence

Uncovering Implicit Bias in Medical School Admissions: A Comprehensive Analysis of Admissions Tools and Applicants’ Social Identities

Niro, Julia

Niro, Julia; Singh, Devika; Zubairi, Mohammad; Leung, James

Improving the care of children with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders in Emergency Department settings: understanding the knowledge-to-practice continuum of ED providers

(accepted but unable to present)

Okoh, Augustine; Gu, Regis

Okoh, Augustine; Gu, Regis; Siu, Henry; Howard, Michelle; Badone, Ellen; Grierson, Lawrence

Continuity of care during transition to long-term care: A scoping review

Prabagaran, Pradhariny

Prabagaran, Pradhariny; Burrows, Kristen

What should I choose?: Elective rotations of McMaster Physician Assistant Students

Quach, Shirley

Quach, Shirley; Danielle Brewer-Deluce; Sarah Wojkowski; Ana Oliveira

Physiotherapy students’ perceptions toward Interprofessional learning during COVID-19

Rahimpour, Layla

Amoudi, Lana ; Wang, Tracy; Rajyam, Sriya ; Segovia, Gerald; Varambally, Meghna; Klitovchenko, David ; Coelho, Varun; Yu, Philip; Akhtar-Danesh, Noori; Wainman, Bruce; Mezil, Yasmeen; Durham, Kristina

Evaluating Student Perceptions of the AI-OSPE Tool Using Q-Methodology

Scholes, Alison

Scholes, Alison; Vanstone, Meredith; Elma, Asiana; Cook, Deborah; Grierson, Lawrence; Agarwal, Gina; Brown, Allison; Fiest, Kirsten; Leslie, Myles; Lee, Sonya; Niven, Daniel; Peter, Elizabeth; Pinto, Nicole; Molinaro, Monica

Micro-triage decisions made by frontline critical care providers during the pandemic: The influence of policy and context

Sharma, Ruchika

Sharma, Ruchika; L. Hart; I. Bayer; M. Zachos

The Pediatric Endoscopy Pocket Guide – Development of a Novel “In-the-moment” Electronic Resource for Pediatric Endoscopy

Shnitzer, Hila; Al-Baldawi, Zobaida

Klapman, Sarah; Graybrook, Riley; Papaioannou, Christina; Vereecken Smith, Celine; Wilson, Brynna; Zhang, Lindsey; Salib, Mary

Incorporating real patients into problem-based tutorials increases medical student engagement and empathy: the PATIENT Project

Shnitzer, Hila

Shnitzer, Hila ; Yang, Laurie; Elma, Asiana; Howard, Michelle; Price, David; Francois, Jose; Katz, Alan; Grierson, Lawrence

An appraisal of grassroots patient medical home practice developments in Canada: A College of Family Physicians of Canada commissioned study

Sivaratnam, Gayatri

Law, Madelyn; Bilgic, Elif; Chung, Han-Oh

Resident Impact on Medical Students

Spadoni, Greg

Spadoni, Greg; Wojkowski, Sarah; Macedo, Luciana; Smith-Turchyn, Jenna; Dhir, Jasdeep; Stratford, Paul; Grierson, Lawrence

Predictors of Success in a Graduate, Entry-Level Professional Program: From Admissions to Graduation

El-Meligy, Mariam

Sibbald, Matthew; McPherson, Isla; Bakker, Dorothy; Rowland, Paula; Wojkowski, Sarah

Developing an identity as a health professional: insights from social and transformational learning

Tong, X. Catherine

Tong, X. Catherine; Chopra, Sonaina; Jordan Hannah; Sibbald, Matthew; Monteiro, Sandra

Creating Brave Spaces Workshop: A Realist Evaluation

Tran, Victoria

Tran, Victoria; Chen, Ruth; Munford, Vanessa; Yilmaz, Yusuf; Chan, Teresa 

Keeping up with the 'Kardashian Index': A qualitative exploration of clinician and researcher views on impact

VanderKaay, Sandra

VanderKaay, Sandra; Campbell, Wenonah; Carrier, Annie; Dhillon, Shaminder; Ng, Stella

Drawing on Occupational Therapists’ Epistemologies of Practice to Inform Clinical Reasoning and Promote Equity

Wu, Zhiyu (Zoe)

Wu, Zhiyu (Zoe) ; Hasan, Farah Z.; Li, Athena; Esmaelbeigi, Aida; McBride, Jennifer M.; Mitchell, Josh P.; Sonnadara, Ranil R.; Wainman, Bruce C.

Exploring learner engagement in virtual reality for anatomy education

Yu, Philip; Klitovchenko, David

Yu, Philip; Klitovchenko, David; Durham, Kristina; Mezil, Yasmeen; Mitchell, Josh; Wainman, Bruce

Exploring Virtual Reality to Aid in Student Preparation for Objective Structured Practical Examinations

Yu, Philip; Wang, Tracy

Yu, Philip; Wang, Tracy; Rajyam, Sarada Sriya; Mitchell, Josh; Bernard, Jason; Mezil, Yasmeen; Wainman, Bruce; Durham, Kristina

Transforming Anatomy OSPE Grading with Decision Tree Learning AI

Zarandi, Aryana

Zarandi, Aryana; Meilayi, Melanie; Edwards, Sarah; Cosimini Michael; Chan, Teresa; Stiver, Mikaela

A Scoping Review of Analog Serious Games in Medical Education

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