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2023 Award Winners & Fund Recipients

2023 Health Professions Educator Award

Dr. Kristen Burrows

Dr. Kristen Burrows is the Assistant Dean of the McMaster Physician Assistant Education Program (PAEP) and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine. As a graduate of McMaster's inaugural PA class, Dr. Kristen Burrows has been privileged to work in internal medicine and clinical dermatology. Before becoming a PA, Dr. Kristen Burrows was a clinical epidemiologist and infection control practitioner until she traded travel for life in Hamilton with her partner and children. Dr. Kristen Burrows holds a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Guelph, MSc in Epidemiology & Population Medicine from the Ontario Veterinary College, BHSc(PA) in Physician Assistant Studies and PhD in Health Research Methodology from McMaster University. Dr. Kristen Burrows's medical education interests focus on the alignment of professional competencies with health human resource needs, role integration of physician extenders, and student mentorship. 

2023 Education Scholarship Fund

2023 Winners:

Ilana Bayer (Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine) and Teresa Chan (Department of Medicine)

Taking Health Professions Education into the Metaverse... A design-based research study to design and evaluate a virtual emergency department

Irena Rebalka (Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine)

Comparison of three visual modalities for the assessment of anatomy knowledge

The Education Scholarship Fund is to promote and support scholarship (research and innovation) in health sciences education in the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), McMaster University.

Image by Susan Q Yin

Past Award Winners & Fund Recipients

Health Professions Educator Award

The award is designed to encourage and reward the continued excellence of health professions education and scholarship within McMaster University. Nominees will be senior faculty and leaders in their respective educational schools that have made substantial contributions to education in the Faculty of Health Sciences including teaching, mentorship, educational scholarship, or research, throughout their careers.

Past Winners:

2017: Sue Baptiste (School of Rehabilitation Science)

2018: Rob Whyte (Undergraduate Medical Education)

2019: Janet Landeen (School of Nursing)

2020: Sarah Wojkowski (School of Rehabilitation Science, Program for Interprofessional Practice, Education & Research)

2021: Azim Gangji (Department of Medicine)

2022: Elizabeth Shaw (Department of Family Medicine)

Education Scholarship Fund

The Education Scholarship Fund is to promote and support scholarship (research and innovation) in health sciences education in the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), McMaster University.

Past Winners:

​Anthony Levinson

Crowd-sourcing Practice Questions and Test Enhanced Learning: Capacity building strategies and randomized trial

Edward Matsumoto

Evaluation of new techniques for objective technical skills assessment for competency-based evaluation of surgical residents

Bernice Downey

Indigenous Health Initiative

Lawrence Grierson

Observational analyses of the associations between the geographical disposition of McMaster-graduated physicians before medical school, in training, and eventual practice

Noori Ahktar Danesh

Q-Methodology: A Revolutionary Approach to Course Evaluation

Oren Levine

Virtual strategies for teaching communication skills to residents for difficult conversations in oncology

Leslie Martin

How trainees use entrustable professional activities for learning: A cross-center comparison

Patricia Farrugia

Innovative undergraduate electives curriculum in Indigenous Health Needs Assessment

Matthew Sibbald

Developing an identity as a health professional in the era of #selfobsessed and #allaboutme: insights from social and transformational learning

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